Wishing you Merry Christmas

Wishing you Merry Christmas
21 December, 2011 Chocolate Creative
Almost there…flying home tomorrow, I can’t believe that after 14 years in London, I still consider and refer to Gran Canaria as HOME. It is where my heart is, mother lives there, and now my boyfriend, how can I not have my heart over there? So here I am, getting ready to fly tomorrow, (nervous), Missi senses it and it is quite unsettled, needless to say that it breaks my heart to leave him behind.
Piero and I never got around to take good photos of the house being decorated, so I just took some quick shoots. This year I have gone for a Winterland theme, gathered all my figurines of animals around the house, together with some gorgeous paper decorations and my most expensive ones, the crystal big bubbles, no tree as I will have one when I get to Spain. 
Wishing you a lovely Christmas, eat, drink, kiss, make love, rest, watch TV, play, dance and above all be happy and grateful for another year. 
I will post from sunny Gran canaria, my body is going to be in shock, a 20C temperature is awaiting for me, I better don’t forget the sun glasses, if I remember where I left them a few months ago…

Deer card and paper bird from the gorgeous Papermash shop

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  1. Feliz navidad! un gran beso para ti!

  2. Feliz Navidad para ti tambien. Recuerda traerte un abriguito si vas a estar por la capital, aquí la sensación de frio es mucho menos de 20º por la humedad. Yo estoy muertita de frio y echo de menos la calefacción inglesa 😉
    Y chocolate con nubes !!! Pásalo bien!

  3. The lamp looks very interessting, too. Is it a flewmarket find?
    I like your blog!

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