2 September, 2013 Chocolate Creative

Good Monday to all, I hope you enjoyed the last few days of Summer. It is a bit hard to be here, working after such a nice weekend. I turn off the computer at 4pm last Friday and decided not to touch it for the whole weekend, which is quite an achievement for me. Yesterday I realised that the Summer was gone and that my favourite month of the year, September has started. I don’t know why I like it so much, I guess because the weather in London seems to be very pleasant and stable, even more than during the English Summers. It is the time for one of the most exciting events in the capital, the London Design Festival and a very busy one for me, as I will be exhibiting at TENT.

I don’t take holidays during the Summer months, as I prefer to spend part of the Winter in Spain, but this year has been a funny combination of spending June back in Gran Canaria, (personal reasons), mini breaks due to family and friends visiting, and a very busy period in between those times off. I am looking forward to get this 4 months up to Xmas out of the way and finally get to relax. I am hoping to book a holiday in Fuerteventura or Lanzarote just for myself. I need a TRUE break!

Lots of interesting and good things are happening in the coming months, and to be honest I need them, as after going through a break up, and a copycat/total robbery of some of my products, (having first meeting with layers this week), and a very busy period I feel quite tired and a bit sad. I don’t post as much as I would like, due to luck of time to dedicate to this blog, not because there are not things I want to show or talk about it, but because there are millions of other tasks that are priority right now. Sometimes I post in Instagram (more personal), or at my Facebook page (work related), or on Pinterest (purely inspiration).

Adios Summer 2013 and a good welcome to September and the many new adventures ahead of us!

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  1. Que bonito todo tu trabajo, webs etc…Estamos en contacto!:-)

  2. Maryam 11 years ago

    Margarita – you have given me so many reasons to smile as I have just discovered you shop & blog.

    1. LOVE the name (I have such a love of chocolate myself)
    2. Your designs are beautiful – so simple and stunning. I absolutely adore the natural linen purses with their little 'handmade' labels!
    3. You are based in South London, just like me.

    Have an amazing weekend!

  3. Hello Maryan, thanks for the comment I am glad you like my creations, I am off to check your blog! Marga

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