12 December, 2012 Chocolate Creative

What a magical day I had on Saturday, I finally went to see the Nutcracker at the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden, London. I cried of happiness and emotion, It was the most beautiful piece I have never seen before, I was very emotional and happy to be there, the Opera House is an amazing building and to share it with my dear friend Juan, who hasn’t had an easy life lately and who I haven’t seen in more than a year made it even more of an special event. We are both from the islands and have a similar silly sense of humor.

I believe that whoever likes clasical ballet should see this piece at least once in their life. I wasn’t blessed with a ballerina body and gave up dancing at an early age, but watching ballet brings me back to that early days and makes me feel super special. I go as often as I can, we are very lucky in the UK to have top dancers, (some of them Spanish), performances, and theaters. We then went for a treat at Carluccios and did some shopping for my new bathroom, hand-wash and cream by L’Occitane, where I could spend a small fortune if I had it…THANKS Juan for such a magical day, for your company and friendship, have you seen the Nutcracker?

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  1. Oh Margarita-how completely wonderful. I have never been to The Royal Opera House which is just crazy. We have decided to make the effort to visit at least one spectacular pace a year-including restaurants. A nice New Years Resolution!! Have a wonderful weekend sweetie xx

  2. Lynne 12 years ago

    Very cute photo of you! Let me know if you ever want a ballet buddy, it's been a long since I have been, but hopefully someday we'll be successful enough to afford to order champagne and smoked salmon sandwiches in the interval (which I've done once – it was fabulous!)

  3. Good one!

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